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Mayotte: A dictation against AIDS and drafted on the basis of evidence of Mahoran HIV

While the World Day against AIDS will be celebrated on the 1st December, the association Nariké M'sada offers a dictation the next Saturday, 29 November in the Chamber of the General Council Younoussa Bamana Mamoudzou.
The text of the dictation was written on the basis of testimony of HIV on the island of Mayotte by students of the fifth class of the college Kawéni.
The version shimaore language (‘Bantoue’ language spoken in the department and which is close to the Swahili) was also translated in the Shime association.
"The goal is to send a message of support and hope to people living with HIV in Mayotte and tell them that we are all concerned," says on the side of the organisers of this dictation against the AIDS.


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