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Mayotte: 84% of the population lives below the poverty line

Over 80% of the population of Mayotte lives below the poverty line. The situation of Mayotte in 2011, was deciphered through a study released yesterday by INSEE.
INSEE has unveiled the main lines of its survey on family budgets in Mayotte. The island was hit hard by poverty and faces many inequalities.
"In 2011, 84% of Mayotte's population lives below the national low income threshold (959 euros / month / UA *), against 16% in France."
"Income disparities are very strong in Mayotte. The wealthiest 10% have a standard of living higher than 1,230 euros per month, the poorest 10% report having less than 87 euros."
27% of the budget is used to purchase food. The food sector was also affected by inflation of 35% between 2006 and 2011.
Moreover, the car is a luxury in Mayotte and a brand in its own share of wealth; with only 26% of Mahoran households have a vehicle.
* Consumer Units


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