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Mayotte: 58% of the Mahoran population of working age does not master written French according to Insee

Insee has just published the results of its first x-ray on the 'Information and everyday life' (TRAWL) in the Department of Mayotte.

The survey reveals that 58% of Mahoran population of working age does not master the written French language and this figure reached 41.6% for people who have attended a school in Mayotte and that are considered to be illiterate.
Insee also highlights that same "among high school graduates aged 16-24, 19% are in situation of illiteracy, 36% among students under tuition", as reported by the Journal of Mayotte.
Another component of this survey also stresses on people who properly write shimaore, a third of them have great difficulty in writing in French.
As a reminder, about a third of the Mahoran population 16-64 years has never attended school benches.

Assani Badrudin

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