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Mayotte: 52,000 tourists in 2013

Insee has published Wednesday, July 2, 2014 the latest figures of tourism on the island of Mayotte for the year 2013. Tourism sector thus reached the level achieved in 2010 with more than 52,000 tourists identified. Below the full release of Insee:

"The tourist numbers in Mayotte increased from 14% in 2013, after two consecutive years of decline (-9% in 2011 and - 5% in 2012)." With 52,000 tourists, the number of visitors found its level of 2010. This growth is part of growth in air traffic, which increases to 8% in 2013, with 149.000 departures of Mayotte. In addition, the island has benefited from the arrival, end 2012, of a new company providing a liaison with Marseille, where many Mahoran are established.
The tourism affinity growing strongly
Affinity tourists who come to visit their loved ones (family, friends) are the majority with 55% of visitors. In 2013, 29,000 people came to Mayotte for this reason, 23% more than in 2012. They come mostly from metropolis (58%) and 38% of them, from Reunion. Among affinity tourists, six out of ten are from Mayotte.
The leisure tourists, whose trip is mainly motivated by the discovery of the island, are also more numerous than in 2012 (11,800 visitors, i.e.18%). But their overall weight on tourism dropped in three years, from 32% in 2010 to 22% in 2013. Social movements of end of 2011 have indeed contributed to the fall of leisure travel, with the repercussions also on 2012.
Unlike the other categories, business tourism (travel for professional reasons) folds from 9% in 2013 and found a level close to that of 2010. The year 2012 was record for business tourism, partly due to the postponement of flights by end of 2011 to 2012, due to the social conflict.
In 2008, tourists from Reunion were as numerous as those of metropolis. They represent, in 2013, 40% of tourists. Tourists from metropolitan France are in the majority (52% of all tourists)
Only 30% of tourists residing in hotels, cottages or guest room
During their stay, two-thirds of the tourists reside among their loved ones, family, friends or relations. The vast majority are affinity tourists, but also 60% of the leisure tourists, use this hosting mode. These visitors are probably on the border between the affinity tourism and leisure tourism, but they claim to have stayed in Mayotte to enjoy as a priority assets of the island.
Hotels, lodges or cottages accommodate only 30% of all tourists, but their attendance increased for several years (24% in 2011 and 29% in 2012).
Tourists stay longer in 2012 and spend more
Customers are staying for longer period in Mayotte. The average length of stay reached 24 days in 2013, against 21 days in 2012. Tourists visiting relatives, are those who stay the longest: 32 days, which is twice more than the leisure tourists (16 days).
In 2013, tourists spent 29 million euros during their stay in Mayotte which is 19% more than in 2012. Affinity tourists contribute to more than half of total expenses. The increase in total expenditure is explained by the increase in the number of tourists and the lengthening of the duration of stay.
The tourists are satisfied with their stay
Visitors enjoy their stay in Mayotte: 88% of them declare themselves satisfied or very satisfied with the interest in the island and 94% are satisfied with the quality of the welcome. However, they are more measured on the quality/price ratio, 48% deeming it unsatisfactory or average.
Tourists non-originating of Mayotte are faithful to the destination. Half of them claim to have already travelled on the island and two thirds among the leisure tourists."


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