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Mayotte: 51 newborn corpses preserved in a mere freezer at the hospital center of Mayotte

51 corpses of infants died before their birth, or who have lost their lives after just coming in the world have been maintained in a freezer at the hospital center of Mayotte.
Some dead bodies were even there for more than one and a half year without having their parents come to claim their bodies to the medical authorities so that the deceased babies are buried scrupulously respecting the Muslim rite. In the practice, the CHM should regularly request the funeral service of pumps take care of body for burial into a mass grave then.
"The dead infants born or those who die within hours after birth are placed into a refrigerated area (called fridge) while waiting for the parents to take them. The statutory deadline is three days, then the bodies are transferred to the freezer waiting the interment, "as reports the newspaper France Mayotte Matin.


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