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Mayotte: 400 college students of Mamoudzou blocking the entrance to their facility after a class of first year has been stoned while going to a sports field

Photo d'illustration
Photo d'illustration
Nearly 400 students from college of Mamoudzou on Mayotte had blocked on Thursday for one hour access to their institutions to denounce growing insecurity.
Dustbin spilled on the roadway and banner to demand more supervision and a "security for all", students have expressed their discontent.
The violent attack on students in class of first year committed the day before on the road leading to the sports field located close to the school by a gang of teenagers who is at the origin of this movement of high school student contestation of great magnitude.

Attacked by throwing stones and bottles, students first have avoided the worst but nonetheless one of their friends was wounded in the face by the projectiles.

High school students also point the finger to a lesser extent "the mediators of the mobile security team" present in the vicinity of their establishment, but no accompany them to the sports field during the course of EPS.

Teachers taking their vehicle to get directly to the Stadium are not spared by the criticism of high school students of Mamoudzou, as indicates the newspaper of Mayotte.

Assani Badrudin

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