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Mayotte: 12 million euros unlocked in emergency for the education sector on the island

The prefecture of Mayotte recently issued a statement on the release of emergency funds in the education sector and this, because of the sharp rise in demand for schools in the department. The authorities have decided to invest in modular construction and engage 12 million euros by the end of 2014 to facilitate the learning conditions of students of Mayotte. Below, read the full press Prefecture Mayotte.

"As the President of the Republic reaffirmed, considering that there is an imperative to build around as quickly as possible, well controlled the cost of several classes, also considering that the conditions for the implementation of school meals should be improved, as promised, the Prefect of Mayotte hired three actions simultaneously:

1.            Encourage the completion of work in progress by * SMIAM before the dissolution of office,
2.            Deploy a comprehensive plan for school construction adapted to the urgency and level requirements structures
3.            Engage the progressive and rational renovation of existing assets.
During these past six weeks, it is a detailed inventory, in each town, which was conducted by the Deputy Secretary General of the prefecture, the Vice-President and DEAL. It became apparent that 42 classrooms built are still waiting for delivery as reason of unsettlement of last bills by SMIAM. Once these formalities have been completed by the union, they will welcome their first students.
Moreover, for 2014, a comprehensive plan was presented to elected officials who have already committed. This plan, developed in consultation with the Ministry of Education, provides for the creation of 20 new classrooms and 15 for a total canteens of around 6 million euro.
Finally, to preserve the activity of local businesses that will be sought, the plan also stops the renovation of more than 200 classrooms.
In overall, this will be more than 12 million euro that the state has decided to engage by the end of the year to improve the learning conditions of Mahoran students. If municipalities demonstrate responsiveness, tender may be published in late December.
In 2015, this plan will continue to hold the same priorities: construction, renovation. All municipalities in the department are involved in this recovery plan.
Note that the financial effort consequently consented  the State may, by 2015, be reinforced by the municipalities that, given the dissolution of the unnion in charge of school construction and while waiting for elected officials to decide on the structure which will cover this skill, they will dispose of  subsidies they previously paid, almost 4.4 million euros supplementary.
 An unprecedented human mobilisation of the Vice-President and DEAL will enable to support, alongside the mayors, this ambitious perspective for the benefit of legitimate expectations of Mahoran for their children. First priority of Mayotte 2025, we can estimate that in 2025 Mayotte is already operating. "
* The Investment and Development Joint Union of Mayotte

Nuzhah Mungly

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