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Mauritius wants to save the corals of its lagoons and is working on a strategic plan

While a colloquium which took place in May 2013 in Mauritius had drawn an alarming state on corals in the Mauritian lagoons, the Mauritius Oceanography Institute (MOI) is getting ready to work on a strategic plan for the next five years, and which aims to revive the cultivation of corals.
The latter grow in a first time in specialist laboratories with an identical salinity than seawater prior to being reintroduced gradually in areas where reefs have been damaged. Is the new research center located in Albion in the West of the island and that will be opened next September for a construction costs of 162 million rupees * which will be responsible for the first step in the growth of corals in a closed environment.
As a reminder, a study conducted by the Oceanographic Institute in 2009 had previously highlighted that almost half of the table corals of Mauritius lagoon had disappeared.
* One euro roughly equivalent to 39 rupees


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