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Mauritius: underground garages on the sidewalk in Port-Louis worry the population

Mauritius: underground garages on the sidewalk in Port-Louis worry the population
Entire streets transformed into an open air garage... Some professionals of automotive repair operating illegally do not hesitate to open on the pavement, their temporary workshop.
The phenomenon experiencing a resurgence in Mauritius, with the city of Port-Louis, the nerve center of this undeclared activity.
This illegal practice is beginning to seriously annoy residents, victims of auto workers who then throw anywhere, used oil, tires and other broken parts damaged vehicles after their mechanical work.
These illegal mechanics are also increasingly targeted by complaints from angry people who are tired and suffer the noise and pollution caused by these workers to a new genus.
Some even get their hands dirty to rehabilitate the street, a bus defective!
"Polluting or obstructing the highway, making noise beyond permissible limits and no permits are misdemeanors punishable by fines", said a police official of the Environment questioned on the subject by the site lexpress.Mu.
On the side of the Municipality of Port-Louis, the mayor of Port-Louis, Aslam Hosenally ensures he has received "no complaints about such activities" since he took over the city there is three months.
And the Mayor of Port-Louis, Aslam Hosenally throws the hot potato on the police of the Environment, in charge according to him "to track down offenders." "It is the policy of the Environment has the necessary equipment, including sound level meters", said soberly the mayor of the capital of Mauritius.

Fabrice François

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