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Mauritius: transporters "brown" without license to operate, compete professionals

Taxis and vans without professional license to operate from the public are increasingly numerous on the roads of Mauritius.

A situation that seriously begins to annoy other players in the sector, in conformity with on their side the legislation in force on the island.

The case of some "brown" buses illegally employed for a customer factory worker was even noted by officials of the National Transport Authority (NTA), according to a source within the same public oversight and confided to the site

Unfair competition of taxis, vans and other public transport buses, which creates "a shortfall of several million rupees" and reducing annually "10% of their revenues", as argued, Sidhart Sharma, General director of Rose-Hill Transport Services.
For the president of the Union of Professional taxis, Rafick Bahadoor, the fault lies with the Ministry of Transportation in Mauritius.
"Before you could count on the Transport Police, but now it's gone", said Rafick Bahadoor to explain the resurgence of illegal vans and taxis on the roads of Mauritius.

Fabrice François

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