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Mauritius: the license penalty points starts on wheel caps

Mauritius: the license penalty points  starts on wheel caps
The formal establishment of license penalty points  last Friday in Mauritius for the conductive 650,000 made his first unfortunate, with more than 150 road users who have been already removed of the precious Sesame of their capital by 15 points in 36 hours.
The radars thus flashed 110 speeding offenders, who will lose between two to eight points on their license and this, according to the recorded, exceeding the speed limit.
Police officers also fined many drivers for non-compliance of the white line, using cell phone while driving or not wearing a seat belt.
While the road carnage record of the figures on the rise in recent years (156 deaths in 2012 and thousands of serious injuries), the Mauritian government has permanently eradicated the phenomenon of insecurity on the roads of the island, with the introduction of license penalty points.

Fabrice François

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