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Mauritius strengthens its port security to deal with a possible terrorist threat

Mauritius strengthens its port security to deal with a possible terrorist threat
The Mauritian authorities have decided to strengthen their national security in the port area, which hosts the containers of cargo ships, by placing the speaker in protected area with new cranes at the entrances and exits.

A decision to deal with a possible terrorist threat on the Mauritian ground and advocated by the anti-terrorist cell was connected directly to the office of the Prime Minister, with drastic security measures in the example which is in force in the United States.

Senior Marine police US was recently visiting on the island to bring their experience in the field.

The inputs and outputs can be now that level porticoes in the process of installation and a tightening of the controls inside the port is also announced, as the newspaper L'Express of Mauritius relates.

As a reminder, fearing to be the target of possible retaliation in its fight against maritime piracy, with prisoners ten Somalian in jail in Mauritius and prosecuted for acts of piracy, the Mauritian authorities are vigilant for several weeks.

The threat from militant jihadists in the wake the terrible terrorist attack which has referred the Kenya capital and at the end of September by Somali Shabaab is not excluded in the spheres of power.

Fabrice François

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