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Mauritius prepares to embark on farming of sea cucumbers

The Ministry of fisheries is preparing to soon launch in Mauritius and maybe in Rodrigues Island a project of experimental breeding of sea cucumbers very sought by Asians and which sell once dried to around 2,000 dollars (1.471 euros) per kilo.
"It is a very popular product on the international market. With our own lagoons, the breeding of sea cucumbers will not require a big investment", said the Minister for fisheries, Nicolas Von-Mally and who also indicated that discussions have already begun with Chinese and European investors.
The pickup of Sea cucumbers prohibited in Mauritian waters and they managed to reach in two and a half years the size required for their marketing.

As a reminder, the other interest of this large-scale aquaculture would be according to its proponents, the Mauritian lagoon ecosystem regeneration, because sea cucumbers have the ability to purify sea water.
A female sea cucumber can lay hundreds of thousands of eggs at a time, and this, if its natural environmental conditions are optimal, as shown in the newspaper L'Express of Mauritius.

Fabrice François

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