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Mauritius mourns its dead and makes a final tribute to the 11 victims of the deadly floods

A heavy silence reigned on the esplanade of the Caudan Waterfront, at 4 p.m. on Saturday, where 300 people gathered in the meditation, relatives of the disappeared and anonymous were given appointments to pay tribute to the 11 victims of deadly floods of Port Louis.

United in prayer where all religions have coexisted, Mauritians are not ready to forget this tragic day spent on Saturday, March 30, 2013, still reeling from the images that have been around the world with a sudden rise in water in the heart of Port-Louis has won 11 of them, trapped in raging muddy waters.

11 torches were lit around 6p.m. to commemorate the solemn moment of communion of all traumatized by the death of 11 of their fellow people.

Allan Wright has been hit hard by the deadly floods, with the loss of his wife and son in the "tunnel of death" wishes that, like flames that glow in the night of Caudan Waterfront, this solidarity "never turns off" , as related the site

And throwing heavy words of direction to the authorities of his country, so that this tragedy does not happen again in the future. "Let's not be hypocrites. Authorities have the skills and the ability to detect areas at risk. There must be a screening system to identify these locations. I do not know where all the water came from. The tunnel usually stored water, but we have never had so much water in a few minutes. I will lead a campaign to find the truth and justice for victims", said Allan Wright.

Fabrice François

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