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Mauritius: illegal poaching of deer in private hunting multiplies in the island

Mauritius: illegal poaching of deer in private hunting multiplies in the island
While a suspected poacher was shot in the back last Sunday evening, in the heart of a private hunting Bras d'Eau in the north East of Mauritius by guards, in circumstances not yet understood, the phenomenon of poaching deer on the island is increasing.

A lucrative traffic since an animal is sold on the black market to tens of thousands of rupees.

Real gangs do not hesitate today to operate in broad daylight, in many private hunting of the island to kill deer whose flesh is prized by Mauritians.

A resurgence of poaching activities of great concern for the association of producers of meat, victims of financial losses estimated at 5 million rupees per year (128,000 euro), as related site.

"The deer meat is illegally sold at a price below the actual price. This creates problem for us to sell our product ...", criticizes Jacqueline Sauzier, president of the Association of meat producers.

The association of meat producers hence tries to stem the phenomenon of poaching deer on the island, organizing information sessions with guards. The latter are aware of the necessary requirement so that the profession permanently changes their habits during their duty hours, and to foil any intrusion into the private hunting poachers.

The association also calls the Mauritian authorities so that more checks are performed near roads where deer meat is minted in illegal sales on roadside.
Increased vigilance on hunting weapons in circulation is also required to stop poaching deer in Mauritius.

Fabrice François

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