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Mauritius Tourist Arrivals: The European market increased by 12% in March 2015

96,595 tourists arrived in Mauritius on holiday in March 2015. They were 87 977 one year earlier, an increase of 9.8%. The European market alone represents 55,796 passengers, an increase of 12%.
British travelers (10,198 arrivals) experienced growth of 47.3% year on year while visitors from metropolitan France fell over twelve months by 8.6%, with 22,496 travelers registered. For their part, the Reunionese tourists were 13,528 visitors to visit the sister island during this period against 13,846 passengers counted in March 2015 (-2.3%).
Moreover, 5,500 Chinese tourists traveled to Mauritius in March 2015, representing an increase of 22.3%, while South African visitors recorded a decline of 1.7% with 7.160 arrivals. Indian tourists were 5.120 to travel to Mauritius up by 27.3%.
As a reminder, 1,038,968 tourists had landed in Mauritius the previous year, an increase of 4.6% as compared to tourist arrivals registered in 2013 and 993,106 tourists recorded.


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