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Mauritius: Three of the six reservoirs will have their storage capacity doubled within 4 years

* Three of the six earth-fill reservoirs of Mauritius will see within four years their storage capacity doubled. This concerns the reservoirs of La Nicolière Midlands Dam and Piton du Milieu.
La Nicolière will accommodate 10.5 million m3 of rainwater. The hilly reservoir of Piton du Milieu will contain for its part about 10 million m3 of water while the Midlands Dam will see its maximum capacity reach 45 million m3.
As a reminder, in early February 2015 in the aftermath of strong rainfalls the largest reservoir in the country, Mare aux Vacoas, was 99% of its fill rate while La Nicolière was filled to 91.8%. For their part, the reservoirs of Piton du Milieu (99.3%), La Ferme (88.9%), Mare Longue (95.2%) as well as Midlands Dam with (99.4%).
* Mare aux Vacoas, Nicolière The Piton du Milieu Farm, Mare-Longue and Midlands Dam


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