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Mauritius Three additional coffers of Navin Ramgoolam concern the police

Placed on Friday evening in police cells following his arrest, the former Prime Minister of Mauritius, Navin Ramgoolam, has been released yesterday Sunday around 10 hours and will now have to pay three deposits of 100,000 rupees to regain freedom.
Navin Ramgoolam is being prosecuted for money laundering, conspiracy and forgery and use. The former strongman of the Mauritian political chessboard would not have performed the slightest payment of his debts after having obtained a loan of 40 million rupees in November 2010 for the purchase of his camp at Roches Noires from the Bramer Bank (1), which was placed in liquidation this past April for not respecting the customary banking practices for three years.
The justice also accuses the former prime minister of given his approval when he was in power for a potentially illegal real estate transactions of 105 million rupees (2). The application had been made in advance by the President and CEO of Bramer Property Fund, a subsidiary of BAI. The designated purchaser also happens to be a former next of kin until very recently of Navin Ramgoolam.
Police officers working on the different legal cases involving Navin Ramgoolam are also interested, following the 220 million rupees seized as well as the foreign currency in two safes and several suitcases recovered during a raid at the residence of Navin Ramgoolam 6 in February 2015, in three other boxes (3) where the name of Navin Ramgoolam appears.
Early this week, a search should take place at the branch of the Mauritius Commercial Bank (Bell-Village) to lift the veil on the specific content of these safes. For its part, Navin Ramgoolam denounces a political vendetta and said fears of a third arrest.
(1) The decedent Bramer Bank was owned by the Group Bristish American Investment (BAI)
(2) One euro roughly equivalent to 39 rupees
(3) The first safe is on his name, the second one on his wife’s and the last one held jointly with his sister Sunita Joypaul


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