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Mauritius: Threat of strike of primary school teachers

While civil servants had their treatment increased in late May following the recent adjustments made by the Dev Manraj report, with retroactive effect from 1 January 2013, the teachers' union of the Government Teachers Union (GTU) deplores the fact that salary increase and the retroactivity of payments were not reflected in a similar way for all school teachers in Mauritius.

Primary school teachers hired after 2008 thus reached 4,000 rupees (100 euros), in addition of 24,000 rupees (600 euros) of salary arrears.
At the same time, teachers with more than ten years of service in the Ministry of Education have obtained from their side only 590 rupees (14.75 euros) increase on their pay slip.

For the teachers' union and its president Vinod Seegum, "this is an injustice".
The union of the Government Teachers Union, having alerted the Ministry of Education of the application in practice of such wage disparities excludes the initiation of a strike within a few weeks to be heard by the authorities and take to the streets to compel the authorities to review their copy, as related by the newspaper Défi Quotidien. 

In the wake of this controversy that swells in the primary school teachers in Mauritius, the Minister of Public Service, Suttyhudeo Mootia, has however indicated setting up of a committee to look into the causes of this wage differential treatment.

Fabrice François

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