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Mauritius: 'The voice of the Rastas' Movement wrote to the Prime Minister asking the depenalisation of cannabis

Since late November, the Rastafarian community in Mauritius, through the movement "The Voice of Rasta" is heard (the news and manifestation) to ask on the island the decriminalization of cannabis, locally called gandia.
Earlier this week, fifty Rastas also filed a letter to the Prime Minister's Office, to support their claim of seeing the gandia be legalized in Mauritius.
In this letter, the Rastafarian culture is described as "a mystical religion that requires cannabis" and Mauritian law prohibiting cannabis on the island interfere with the freedom of individuals to practice their religion.
In addition, 5,000 petitions of support were signed and a copy will be sent to the authorities when the number reaches one hundred petitions, as indicated by the newspaper L'Express of Mauritius.

Fabrice François

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