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Mauritius: The tourism industry generates 70,000 direct and indirect employment on the island

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Xavier-Luc Duval, recently highlighted the importance of the tourism industry for the economic development of the island and which generates local jobs and wealth in Mauritius.
Xavier-Luc Duval wishes and the tourism industry of Mauritius crosses towards a new level of excellence, including an improvement of its services.
"Tourism concerns several government departments including Environment, Transport within the Ministry of Interior that provides security. In addition, this industry represents revenues of 40 billion rupees * and also the creation of 70,000 direct jobs and indirect. Basically, all Mauritians benefit from a way or another in the tourism industry. That is why we ask for an additional effort for Mauritians to contribute to the success of this sector, "said Xavier-Luc Duval.
As a reminder, 1,038,968 tourists landed in Mauritius last year, an increase of 4.6% in comparison with tourist arrivals recorded in 2013 and 993,106 tourists recorded.
* One euro roughly equivalent to 38 rupees


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