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Mauritius: The sex toys banned from sale on the island are appearing in pharmacies, authorities crack

Mauritius: The sex toys banned from sale on the island are appearing in pharmacies, authorities crack
The shelves of some Mauritian pharmacies welcome today in their stock drugstore sex toys yet banned from sale by Mauritian legislation.
The sex toys around the rules and are thus sold to an adult audience, under the name of reusable condom, just like the abundant selling; penis sheath or other pumps.

The Pharmacists' Association of Mauritius, through the voice of its president Jayesh Rampadarath says offended by such business practices, as indicated by the newspaper L'Express of Mauritius.

"What bothers me most is that these products are marketed as reusable condoms. I do not understand how people can be so irresponsible, considering the risk of HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases", protested Jayesh Rampadarath.

The importer offending denies that these products are of a sexual nature such as sex toys but for people suffering from erection problems due to diabetes including allowing them to have a normal sex life as sexual stimulants are cons-indicated for diabetics.
On the website of the importer of sex toys that do not say their name, the instructions are explicit yet.
The penis sheath is "a reusable condom for safety and pleasure" to help the woman to have "multiple orgasms" and the man to have "more length and girth".
Pumps serve an increase in the size of the penis to "satisfy a woman and make sure she has an orgasm", says the website.
Given the controversy that swells after the qualification of the Mauritian customs of these controversial products as "special condoms" sexual gadgets gradually begin to be removed from the shelves of certain pharmacies in the capital, under pressure from the Ministry of Health.
In addition, a pharmacy owner in 44 years thus was arrested by police on Saturday after the discovery in his laboratory located in the North Island 19 godemichets.

Fabrice François

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