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Mauritius: The seine fishing in the Mauritian lagoons soon history

The Minister of Fisheries Prem Koonjoo, wants to phase out the practice of fishing in the Mauritian lagoons which greatly impairs the marine fauna and its diversity. Traditional fishermen are thus forced to practice aquaculture with fish cages thrown in the sea or inciting to engage in the culture of oysters on the island.
As a reminder, the traditional seine fishing in the Mauritian lagoons is practiced from March to September between 6 am and 18 hours. Mauritian fishermen thus according to the tides bring back in their nets mullet, shoemakers and other fishes.
Seine is a large rectangular shaped net with floaters on the upper part and ballasted down by sinkers.
The seine fishing is conducted in teams. The marine professionals who practice gather in Mauritius under cooperative form.
Each grouping is composed of ten fishermen and benefits from a right to operate 500 meters of nets according to the legislation governing this sector.
Two types of nets are used for seine fishing: a first which is thrown on sandbanks to capture groundfish and a second called "lasenn duck", consist of pieces of bamboo, which remains adrift in order to take particular mullets.


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