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Mauritius: The official visit of Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs on the island has allowed to address several important issues between the two countries

photo - Le Mauricien
photo - Le Mauricien
The Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sushma Swaraj, left Mauritius on November 3 after a 36-hour of official visit to the island.
Significant important issues were discussed with local authorities during her stay.
The Non-double taxation between India and Mauritius in particular was at the heart of the bilateral discussions.
The next axt of the Indian Parliament which will grant a visa for a period of 30 days to each Mauritian citizen wishing to travel in the Great Peninsula was also on the menu of discussion.
On the other hand, other topics such as an opportunity for Mauritians of Indian origin to obtain a valid visa to enter India now for life were also discussed.
Then, concerning the issue of the construction of light rail in Mauritius the Indian authorities have expressed their willingness to grant for this project a credit of 200 million dollars, or 6 billion rupees, and a loan of 450 million dollars (13.5 billion rupees) from the EXIM Bank of India, as indicated by the Le Mauricien newspaper.

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