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Mauritius: The number of Mauritian senior manager women in the administration has increased

Photo journal Le Défi Quotidien
Photo journal Le Défi Quotidien
The latest report from the Agency Statistics Mauritius has highlighted that the number of women occupying the positions of responsibility in the administration increased by 17%.
Thus in 13 years from 2000 to 2013, the percentage of senior manager Mauritian women reached last year about 40% of female personnel employed in the public service of Mauritius.
With a monthly salary of 13,300 rupees * in 2013 (11,800 rupees in 2012), women in Mauritius are however still placed behind their male colleagues who funded on their side on average some 17.900 rupees each month in 2013.
As a reminder, 220.800 women work in Mauritius against 350.400 men who have a job in 2013.
26.900 Mauritian women are also unemployed while unemployment affects only 18,600 men in 2013, as reported in the Le Défi Quotidien newspaper.
* One euro roughly equivalent to 41 rupees

Fabrice François

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