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Mauritius: The maternal mortality rate during childbirth grew over fifteen years in hospitals of the island

While very often Mauritius placed at the top of the podium in the African continent in numerous economic and development fields, the latest report of World Health Statistics released this week shows that the country has fallen in maternal mortality rates between 1990 and 2013.
Thus, 9 out of 1,000 Mauritian women died as a result or during childbirth in 2013 against 4 women out of 1,000 who were dying while giving birth in the late 90s. Lack of specialists (gynecologists and anesthetists) in Mauritian hospitals and the lack of pregnancy monitoring within the population at the bottom of the social scale are particularly singled out to explain the phenomenon.
As a reminder, 13.142 births have been identified in Mauritius in 2013.


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