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Mauritius: The leader of the MMM, Paul Berenger, wants "a smooth democratization" of China

The leader of the MMM (Mauritian Militant Movement), Paul Bérenger, holds conference-debate in Mauritius since a few weeks on various international political themes.
After having worked for two weeks on "socialism" today, Paul Bérenger got down on Saturday in Port Louis to give his point of view of activist policy on the sensitive subject of "China and democracy".

According to Paul Bérenger, an opening of the current Chinese regime is possible in the wake of the rise of those appointed as "Chinese constitutionalists" who want to blow a wind of constitutional freedom on the Middle Kingdom.
Paul Bérenger thus questioned the possible arrival on the Chinese political scene very firm of a new Chinese Communist leader which will bring in him the same desire of restructuring and transparency conveyed during the late 1980s, by Mickael Gorbachev in ex-USSR and that had been imploding in 1991 by the Soviet Union using the perestroika and glasnost means.

The leader of the MMM, Paul Bérenger thus expressed his support to 'a smooth democratization of China', as the Dimanche L'hebdo newspaper relates.

Fabrice François

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