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Mauritius: The homeless Mauritian in England, of the street, celebrity on the net

Mauritius: The homeless Mauritian in England, of the street, celebrity on the net
When Vijay Jagun, about forty years, decided to leave his job in 2001 at the Post Office in Mauritius and fly back to management studies in England, he has no idea of the fate that waits around the corner.

Initially everything happens for the best, Vijay Jagun following courses and also landed a job as an assistant at North Middlesex University Hospital.
Things go wrong when in 2002, the Mauritian citizen emigrated in the UK stop his university studies.
In 2004, without a student visa, Vijay Jagun is forced to lead a clandestine existence and is two years later, stuck by immigration not been able to renew his residence permit.

During this period, he finds refuge with a Mauritian lawyer who hosts home with three other Mauritians also in irregular situations in exchange for odd jobs at the home of his benefactor.
But the latter denounced the authorities in December 2009 and Vijay Jagun was arrested for a dozen days, with the key to an extradition warrant against him.

A judicial decision that however happens to postpone temporarily in January 2010, before joining the street where he becomes an anonymous homeless at the mercy of a renewed border despite legal remedies filed in parallel.

Vijay Jagun will now spend his time devouring books, five pounds per week on average in a library near a shelter for people on the street.
In November 2010, he met Mady Savage, volunteer in a night shelter and a BBC journalist who encouraged him to tell his story.

Vijay Jagun thus puts an online blog-http: / / the internet connection in a shelter for illegal immigrants to feed his online journal.
His blog is a success and the media throng around him and he also offers to lecture at universities on immigration or poverty.
Vijay Jagun even designated as representative of immigrants in Parliament, as stated in the newspaper L'Express of Mauritius.
In October 2012, having exhausted all administrative procedures to stay in England, Vijay Jagun off again to its starting point in Mauritius where he was recently contacted by a publisher to put on paper his long journey between Mauritius and the United Kingdom of the darkness to light ...

Fabrice François

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