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Mauritius: The head of the BAI claimed to have paid several million rupees to the MSM

While the Mauritian group Bristish American Investment (BAI) is in full judicial turmoil with the possible breakup of its empire in the aftermath of the defunct Bramer Bank whose license of operating had been suppressed in April the head of the BAI, Dawood Rawat who holds double nationality Franco-Mauritian from Paris recently stated that he has funded a number political groups in Mauritius since the last three decades and this, according to their express request.
Thus, in the framework of the last legislative elections in December 2014, Dawood Rawat claimed to have paid the MSM (Mouvement Socialiste Militant) currently in power several million rupees to support its election campaign.
False allegations according to Pravind Jugnauth, MSM Minister of the Technology who stating that the owner of the BAI is a "joker". Same tune on the side of the Prime Minister and leader of the MSM, Sir Anerood Jugnauth who speaks of "falsehoods and malicious " coming from someone who "refuses to come and deal with the Mauritian justice."
The Mauritian government for its part blames the MMM (Mauritius Militant Movement) of having indeed hit 10 million rupees from Rawood Dawat during the last general elections. An accusation to which the leader of the MMM, Paul Bérenger, responded by putting forward that MSM has received "the sum of 19 million rupees from the BAI between April and November 2010".
Moreover, Dawood Rawat hired from France a formal notice procedure against the Mauritian government so that the latter pay him for compensation of one billion US dollars for "the expropriation" of his group and which according to him was prompted for purely political reasons.


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