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Mauritius: The hawkers of Port-Louis authorized to operate freely until January by the Government

While the Mayor of Port-Louis had decided to permanently move some 1.737 peddlers, with 900 stalls placed at their disposal by the municipality on the side of the Victoria station and the gare du Nord and a possibility to work three days a week, the Mauritian Government for its part decided on an interim basis by the magnitude of the challenge by allowing vendors to operate freely until the month of January.

The Government is also considering the creation of commercial projects to meet the expectations of hawkers within the next year with relocation programmed 1,050 of them, as shown in the newspaper L'Express of Mauritius.
For the Mayor, Aslam Hossenally, who handles the municipality with a majority of elected members of opposition MSM - MMM, it is "out of pure jealousy that the Government puts us sticks in the wheels'’.

"The majority of traders agreed to be relocated and the public appreciate the effort that we did. This is an irresponsible government" strongly supports the Lord Mayor of Port Louis, Aslam Hossenally.
For Raj Appadu, president of the Common Front traders Mauritius, the situation is the result of both to the government and the opposition.

"The State betrayed us. It tolerates illegal activity while the opposition promised us a solution. It has done nothing", says bitterly the president of the common Front of hawkers of Mauritius.

The latter said to have also specifically asked the traders not to pay the tax of January and now their products are also sold on the sidewalk in front of their stores.

As a reminder, hawkers grouped into a common front (FCMA) demanded since the beginning of the week prior discussions at any movement with the Organization of round table and vigorously denounced the way of acting of municipal authorities, while at the same time had started administrative procedures for the allocation of their new stalls in Municipality.

In the project of the Municipality of Port-Louis, the hawkers of the Mauritian capital should thus share some 900 locations near Victoria Station and North Station, via a rotation model and should operate on-site three times week due to the number of places allocated.

Fabrice François

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