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Mauritius: The former Minister of Health, Maya Hanoomanjee, vindicated in the "scandal of the century" of the case Medpoint

The Director of Public Prosecutions (Editor's note: The equivalent of the prosecutor) decided yesterday, Tuesday, that there was not sufficient corroborating evidence to prosecute the former Minister of Health, Maya Hanoomanjee of MSM (Militant Socialist Movement), for abuse in the exercise of her functions or threats to influence official exercising tender clinical MedPoint.

Maya Hanoomanjee, who has always claimed her innocence in this matter, is now relieved of this decision and refers to "a divine justice".

The case of the redemption of the clinic Medpoint by the State to the tune of 144 million rupees (3.6 million euros), was revealed on January 13, 2011 by Lexpress newspaper.

The opposition MMM (Mauritian Militant Movement) quickly seized the case and reported week after week "the scandal of the century".

The arrest by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ICAC) on July 22, 2011 of Hanoomanjeewho supervised and managed the redemption of the clinic, led to the collective resignation of six ministers from the government MSM.

Resignation, breaking and weakening of the government majority against the opposition in parliament and ministerial reshuffle wave of defectors has enamelled the Mauritian politics in the wake of the case Medpoint.

The leader of the MSM, Pravind Jugnauth, who is the brother and the brother in law of the former owners, will defend to the end, Maya Hanoomanjee, by criticizing the investigation of the Anti-Corruption Commission methods.

The prime minister Navin Ramgoolam, also support initially the Minister of Health, before finally cut ties with Hanoomanjee as a result of new revelations of the MMM.
A second evaluation of the Medpoint clinic conducted by Hooloomann Associates, has doubled the purchase price of 75 million (€ 2 million) to 144 million rupees (3.6 million euros).

Fabrice François

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