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Mauritius: The foreign cinematographic productions brought more than 620 million rupees in eight months

Foreign film productions in the context of the Government program to promote filming of feature films, documentaries and other television programs in Mauritius have already reported about 621 million rupees * for the last eight months.
The Mauritian authorities projected on their side about 500 million rupees generated annually, as indicated in the Le Défi Quotidien newspaper.
Under the Rebate Scheme, the Mauritian Government reimburses from 2012 to 30% of the budget allocated to travel expenses and accommodation as well as the post-production from 100,000 dollars invested in feature films, 50,000 dollars for television documentaries and 30,000 dollars for other television programs.
As a reminder, more than 20 films, documentaries and television programs were produced in Mauritius since the introduction of the Rebate Scheme in 2012.
* One euro roughly equivalent to 41 rupees

Fabrice François

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