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Mauritius: The euro unscrewed dangerously against the rupee

The Mauritian rupee is constantly gaining ground compared to its evolution in the interbank market currencies against the plummeting euro.
In one year, the Mauritian rupee has thus been particularly appreciated against the euro by more than 9%. One euro was sold at 36.36 rupees last Friday at a historically low rates. The euro fell dangerously in exchange value against the Mauritian rupee while at the beginning in January 2014 the euro was trading at more than 41 rupees.
A fall that could severely impact the financial results of the tourist areas, textiles, seafood and outsourcing services that operate most of their transactions in euros.
The decision at end of last week of the European Central Bank (ECB) to try to revive the economy of the Old Continent to avoid deflation by buying more than 1,000 billion euros of public debt between March 2015 and September 2016, should according to financial analysts possibly bring the euro at around 35 rupees before the medium term the euro will finally appreciates against the Mauritian rupee...


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