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Mauritius: The electoral alliance between the MMM-MSM is hanging by a thread

The alliance between the MMM (Mauritian Militant Movement) and MSM (Militant Socialist Movement), the two main opposition parties would be hanging by a thread.

An extraordinary meeting of the central Committee of the MMM convened for Saturday at the initiative of the political bureau of the purple party, as pointed out by yesterday afternoon the MMM leader Paul Bérenger.
The latter specifically asks his comrades to reconsider their position on the holding of a joint meeting on May 1 during the labour day with his (ex) electoral allied of MSM within the 2000 remake for next elections in 2015.
Where this position would be validated, the traditional meeting of the purple party would be cancelled indeed.
On the agenda of this meeting in an emergency, the current political situation after one of the leaders of the MSM, Jugnauth, former Minister of Finance, took in his appearance in the intermediate court earlier this week a defensive position not provided its allies of the MMM by seeking annulment proceedings in the case of the controversial purchase of Medpoint clinic, which has resulted to refer the case to July 31.
The political bureau of the MMM wanted on his side that Pravind Jugnauth pleads not guilty in this case of conflict of interest alleged and be tried as soon as possible while the 2015 elections arrive with great strides.
After the choice of the political office of the DSS to question the meeting of May 1 with their (ex) allies of MSM, a hundred activists of the purple party strongly protested against their historic leader accusing him of selling while rumors of rapprochement between the Labour Party and the MMM were raised with insistence from 48 hours as shown in the Le Défi Quotidien newspaper.
"We don't want to hear about the labour party. If ever Paul Bérenger announced a breakup with the MSM and an alliance with the Labour Party, we are ready to form another party. We will not follow our leader blindly," complained one of militant of MMM since more than 40 years, as reported by the newspaper L'Express of Mauritius.
An hour earlier, Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam had already thrown disorder in the spirit of the MMM activists by declaring that "if all conditions are met and if it is in the interest of the country", he "is not against an alliance with the MMM".

Fabrice François

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