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Mauritius: The copper printing plate of the famous stamps "Post Office" found again

The two famous "Post Office" stamps of inestimable value, from 1847 issued by the postal service of the British colony, and that should have the words "Post Paid" (note: Carriage Paid) have now returned to their original plate of production spotted for the last time in 1912 and which had been considered lost.
The philatelic auction house, David Feldman, has communicated that the exceptional piece will be exhibited during the philatelic show EUROPHILEX which is held from 13 to 16 May 2015.
As a reminder, September 20, 1847, the engraver Joseph Osmond Barnard, a subject of his Majesty who had emigrated in Mauritius in 1838, was appointed to print these stamps. he prepares the copper printing plate for a first order of 500 copies each of two stamps (Blue Penny 1 Penny - Penny Red 2 pence) for the governor's wife who wanted to use them on her invitation plies to invite her guests at the ball of the governor.
The stamp honors the Queen Victoria represented profile. Several references around the queen "POST OFFICE - POSTAGE - MAURITIUS" one of inattention, now passed on to posterity because it would have had engrave "Post Paid", instead of "Post Office".


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