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Mauritius: The conversion of solid waste into electricity cover 8% of the needs of the island in 2017

The Mauritian group Green Waste Energy recently decided to opt for the method of gasification, to remove solid waste from the island without using incineration from the second half of 2017 in the next two centers of treatment.
 The project approved by the Government of Mauritius in September 2013 is expected to cost about 8.75 billion rupees. *
From its side, the Minister of Local Government of Mauritius, Hervé Aimée, recently stated that this decision will in no way have an impact on the environment and at the same time promote the reduction of household waste in Mare Chicose.
Thus, for Hervé Aimée the Moroccan state to save some 48 billion rupees over the next 20 years through this strategic environmental choice, as indicated by the Le Mauricien newspaper.
The synthesis gas will also be used by the two processing centers to produce electricity. 600 tons of waste should help to feed the network with 36 megawatts of electricity and cover between 6% and 8% of the needs of Mauritius.
* One euro roughly equivalent to 41 rupees.

Umee Ruhomally

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