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Mauritius: The conjunctivitis epidemic rose sharply in the island, with more than 13,300 cases recorded within one week

While the austral summer now in full swing with its high temperatures and Mauritius has been particularly watered at the beginning of 2015, conjunctivitis * is pouring significant numbers patients in hospitals of the island.
Thus, from 2 to 8 last March, 13,391 people have contracted the infectious disease while the previous week (23 February-1 March), 5,524 cases had been diagnosed by doctors.
Faced with this epidemic conjunctivitis, the Mauritian Ministry of Health calls the Mauritian population to comply with simple instructions, ie washing hands regularly, do not rub your eyes with dirty hands and to use personal towels bath.
Contagious disease, but most often benign, conjunctivitis is treated within a few days of drug treatment.
* Infection of the transparent membrane of the eye


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