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Mauritius: The cannabis legalisation movement wrote to the new president

The local movement advocating cannabis legalisation in Mauritius (CLAIM *) has recently written to the new President of Mauritius, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim who has sworn in early June.
The movement thus requests that a control system and a protocol around the cultivation and selling of cannabis be set up. "We firmly believe that the use of cannabis for recreational purposes should be treated differently, and that you are the right person to advise the government on this issue," put forward the CLAIM.
For CLAIM, cannabis should be used as a psychotropic substitution product. The movement, which advocates that cannabis is legalised, hopes that condemnations of consumers of gandia are also removed from their certificate of morality, a key document before any job recruitment in Mauritius.
Such measures if they were to be implemented, would reduce according to CLAIM the traffic ongoing of hard drugs on the island.
As a reminder, in 2012 a report from the International Narcotics Control Board, depending on United Nations, put the index Mauritius, as leading consumer of hard drugs in Africa.
* Cannabis Legalisation And Informative Movement


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