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Mauritius: The blue economy running with the promulgation of law

The Oceanic economy also known as the blue economy recently crossed a milestone with the promulgation of the - Marine Zones Act- implementing the marine area of operations for the promotion of research and production activities on the high seas.
Mauritius holds an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of approximately 1.960.000 km² and co-manages with the Seychelles archipelago approximately 396,000 square kilometers of its continental shelf.
The objective of the Mauritian authorities is to make the ocean an economic pillar in future years, generating growth and employment.
"There are many possibilities in the Ocean Economy, including for medical research and other activities. We have already started to make Mauritius a Hub for the storage of petroleum products. But also to the use of cold seawater for air-conditioning," said the Prime Minister, Navin Ramgoolam at the opening session of a symposium on the blue economy in July 2013.
In the wake of this enactment, the Sotravic Limited Company prepares to launch its first geological research off the coast of Port-Louis on the seabed.
The company Sotravic Limited wants to equip the buildings in Port-Louis from air conditioning provided with sea water.
The ambitious project is expected to supply distribution grid closed cooling system of buildings in Port-Louis through waters pumped at low temperature at 1,000 meters deep off the coast of the capital of Mauritius, as reported by the newspaper L'Express of Mauritius.

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