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Mauritius: The authorities are working on a strategic plan for the tourism sector

The authorities are currently working on the introduction of a new system of classification of the hotels in Mauritius.
The foundations of the tourism sector should also take place locally with the definition of a strategic plan for 2016-2020.
Tourism supply will be further diversified with a programmed promoter especially in terms of eco-tourism, medical tourism, cultural tourism and tourism to senior travelers.
According to the latest figures published by the body Statistics Mauritius, the Mauritian hotel portfolio was composed at the end of September 2014 of 108 institutions which operate at the heart of the tourism sector of Mauritius. 12,481 rooms are open to customers, or 25,620 beds available.
As a reminder, 1,038,968 tourists landed in Mauritius last year, an increase of 4.6% in comparison with tourist arrivals registered in 2013 and its 993,106 tourists recorded. 103,606 tourists have arrived in Mauritius on holiday in January 2015. They were 96 332 one year earlier, an increase of 7.6%, including a European market growth of 11.9% and 56,563 European visitors counted.


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