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Mauritius: The U.S. Embassy is funding research on l’île Plate and its role in the Indian indenture on the island

The United States Embassy, Port-Louis recently gave its agreement for the granting of financial assistance of 600,000 rupees (1) to the Aapravasi Ghat Trust Fund to undertake extensive research of documentation on île Plate located in the far north of the island of Mauritius.
île Plate thus acted as place of quarantine in 1856 for Indian workers to protect the inhabitants from cholera, as reported by the Le Défi Quotidien newspaper.
"At this time, Mauritius was hit by a pandemic of cholera... île Plate has played an important role in the history of the Indenture to Mauritius", indicated on the side of the Aapravasi Ghat Trust Fund managers.
As a reminder, Aapravasi Ghat - in hindi Aapravasi means immigrated and Ghat means temporary shelter - located in Trou Fanfaron, at the entrance North of Port-Louis, was the place of disembarkation as from 1834 of some 450,000 men and women called coolies (2) and contributed in the making of Mauritius for a monthly wage of five rupees.
Other waves of large-scale immigration followed from Bombay, Calcutta and Madras, and this, until 1920.
(1) one euro roughly equivalent to 41 rupees
(2) The word "kuli" in Tamil is translated into salary

Fabrice François

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