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Mauritius: The Stock Exchange of Mauritius is marking time along with a slight decline in its two main indexes

At the closure Monday, November 3, 2014, the two main indices of the stock exchange of Mauritius on the official market have experienced a slight drop in performance.
The SEMDEX index (1) displayed 2129.70 points. For its part, the SEMTRI (2) index closed at 6915.93 points.
The market capitalisation stood the official market end of the session at 233.81 billion rupees (3). And the exchange trading title for one week stood approximately to 443.8 million rupees.
Of the 49 titles listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, 11titles rose in a week, 21 others maintained their position titles and 17 titles declined as Business Magazine reports.
(1) The SEMDEX index is calculated on all stocks listed on the stock market 
(2) Index SEMTRI (Stock Exchange of Mauritius Total Return Index), created in October 2002 incorporates the performance of the overall market with dividends and capital gains
(3) One euro roughly equivalent to 41 rupees 

Nuzhah Mungly

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