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Mauritius: The Mayor of Port-Louis accused of not having maintained the rainwater drainage channels

While a massive purge of evacuation channels was conducted by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and the of the Environment, with the collection of 300 tons of garbage, the mayor of Port-Louis is put to index by the two departments, for failing to sufficiently maintain the network of rainwater in the capital city.

For the Mayor of Port-Louis, Aslam Hosenally the accusation is unjustified because the municipality has always done in his view the maintenance of evacuation channels of rainwater.
Aslam Hosenally disclaims any liability in the wake of deadly floods and stated at the site that if the channels "have been clogged, it is because the piping system of water from the Montagne de Signaux was poorly maintained by the Ministry of the environment".
The mayor of Port-Louis, Aslam Hosenally, also held to clear the municipality of maintenance of canals located at the entrance of the city, close to Caudan Waterfront, arguing that in this area, the work of construction sector have totally covered discharge channels making them totally inaccessible.

Fabrice François

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