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Mauritius: The Mauritian secret services at the heart of the electoral campaign to take the pulse of opinions

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While the dissolution of the National Assembly had been pronounced since yesterday Monday and that the anticipated legislative elections should soon divide in Mauritius the labour party (PTr) - Mouvement Militant Mauricien (MMM) bloc and its main oppositions united around the Mouvement Socialiste Militant (MSM), Parti mauricien social Démocrate (PMSD) and  Mouvement Libérateur* (ML),the Mauritian secret services of the National Security Service (NSS) had started since the pre-electoral campaign on field, their detailed work of information collection.
Meetings, conferences, political meetings, the ears of the NSS are everywhere and inform the police authorities of the electoral atmosphere and first tendencies which takes place in the 20 circumscriptions of the island, as reported by the Le Défi Quotidien newspaper.
In the biggest discretion, agents and informers locally called “corbeaux” are at the heart of the electoral fever to rise in the corridor of power of the actual state of the Mauritian opinions and electors who are shortly going to vote between early November and beginning of March 2015.
Fall in popularity of a candidate or bad welcome from a minister in a circumscription, nothing escapes these private eyes.
The National Security Service subsequently submit a detailed report of their observations which after an evaluation conducted by officers of process and analysis within the general police quarter will be sent directly at the Prime minister’s office.
As a reminder, 908.190 electors in the 20 circumscriptions of the island and 28.785 in Rodrigues should will designate their future members to sit in the National Assembly to represent them.
According to the different political observers, the elections in Mauritius should be held probably in mid-December.
* In Mauritian Creole Muvman Liberater

Fabrice François

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