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Mauritius: The Maha Shivaratree 2015 will be held on February 17

This year, the 2015 edition of Maha Shivaratree will be celebrated on Tuesday, February 17.
The first Hindu devotees begin to converge on foot, on Friday evening, towards the lake of Ganga Talao * Grand Bassin in the southwest, to honor their benefactor Shiva for the annual ceremonies of the Maha Shivaratree festival and bring back the sacred water of the lake.
Dressed in white, pilgrims, carrying on their shoulders a kawal - decorated arch beautiful paper flowers and colored bells - will thus walk in procession to the lake of Ganga Talao.
* In 1897, a Brahmin made a premonitory dream of a lake in the heart of the Mauritian forest, which would be a divine filiation of highly sacred waters of the Indian Ganges. Seeking to flush out this blessed place in Mauritius, he discovers a vast lake 5 kilometers west of Bois-Chéri in the region of Curepipe.
Another legend would like it to be Lord Shiva himself, who shook his long hair is dropped a drop of holy water in this place.


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