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Mauritius: The FBI assist Mauritian police to shed some light on the provenance of millions of dollars seized at the home of Navin Ramgoolam

While the former Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam, on leave on all political activity, will shortly have to explain the origin of funds - about 220 million rupees (1) also comprising foreign currency - seized in the two safes and two suitcases found at his home on Friday, February 6 during a raid, the police also want to track down all his banking and real estate holdings on the island and abroad.
In the viewfinder of investigators from the Criminal Police, the intimate friend of the former Prime Minister and red activist Nandanee Soornack who had left the country in haste December 11, 2014 on the evening of the proclamation of the past, is also expected to see her bank accounts and property in Mauritius and acquired outside the island to scrutinize. Her lawyer Yatin Varma also announced this weekend to no longer defend the interests of Nandanee Soornack because the latter whom he had specifically requested to return as soon as possible in Mauritius have decided not to follow his advice.
Navin Ramgoolam prosecuted for conspiracy of obstructing justice in the case of housebreaking of  his camp at Roches Noires and especially for money laundering, has justified the for the time being by putting forward before the Labour party (PTr) that the large sums at his home had been made available by generous donors for the financing of PTr.
In addition, FBI agents (2) are already in Mauritius to assist in reassembling the financial scheme which has enabled Navin Ramgoolam of possessing millions of US dollars.
(1) One euro roughly equivalent to 38 rupees
(2) Federal Bureau Investigation


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