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Mauritius: Strong heat, cyclones and hail at the horizon during the austral summer

The meteorological station of Vacoas had lately communicated their seasonal previews for the austral summer, in cyclonic field on the South-West of the Indian Ocean.
Like every year with a scenario based on assumptions of a low-pressure area, calculated system based on indicators of long-term forecasts, the highly anticipated Summer season outlook 2014-2015 has been made public.
10 to 12 cyclones should be formed in the South-West basin of the Indian Ocean.
The mercury is previewed for its part to be particularly high this season with temperatures which could reach 37°C in some regions.
Other highlighted points, also subjected to a simple hypothetical forecast, the rainfall rate should be slightly higher than normal with some 1.450 mm of rains expected on the island.
Weather forecasters of the meteorological station of Vacoas evoke the possibility of mini-tornados between 2014 and March 2015 as well as falling of hails in Mauritius, as indicated in the Le Mauricien newspaper.

Fabrice François

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