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Mauritius: Stock Exchange unscrews of 3.5% since the beginning of 2015

The main index SEMDEX calculated on all shares quoted on the Stock Exchange of Mauritiushas lost 3.5% (1) since the beginning of 2015 despite a last week where the index has seen a performance increase of 0.6%.
The 10 best stocks gathered in the SEM-10 (Stock Exchange of Mauritius) up 1.4% at the closure last Friday, displayed a fall of 2.3% since early 2015.
Foreign investors bought shares thus 86.7 million rupees against 158 million rupees (2) the previous week. As a reminder, the index SEMDEX declined by 1.05% in 2014.
(1) At the closure Friday 20 February 2015
(2) One euro roughly equivalent to 38 rupees


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