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Mauritius: Speed cameras operational once again in July

While the penalty points which came into effect on 10 May 2013 was suppressed by the new government in place and that the 49 speed cameras are no longer for the time being in service since 1 January 2015, speed control devices should once again be operational in July 2015 and not this month as previously announced.
Mauritian motorists should thus still benefit from a reprieve until the 54 radars flash again. Repainted in yellow, retro-reflective speed cameras will be especially visible to drivers at night.
Two limitations (60 km / h and 80 km / h) according to the axes taken will also be applied on national highways of the island. The highways will be restricted on their side to 110 km / h.
A minimum fine of 1,000 rupees * thus penalize motorists caught exceeding the speed limit of less than 15 km / h over the speed limit. The fine will then increase to 1,500 rupees for over speeding between 15 km / h and 25 km / h and will be 2,500 rupees for drivers flashed beyond that margin.
As a reminder, 38,476 motorists had been caught speeding in 2014 on the roads of the island. Fines had especially brought 76,952,000 rupees * to the State of Mauritius.
* One euro roughly equivalent to 39 rupees


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