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Mauritius: Speed cameras have brought about 420 million rupees to the State in 2014

Over 80,000 drivers were caught in exceeding the speed limit on the roads of Mauritius during the year 2014.
The fifty speed cameras have thus brought in the coffers of the State of Mauritius about 420 million rupees. *
Speed cameras are no longer operational since 1 January 2015, the new Minister of Public Infrastructure, Nando Bodha, who announced that the authorities wanted to revise the penalty point system introduced in Mauritius May 10, 2013.
The new penalty points is expected return into force on 1 March. Nando Bodha has recently recognized as a major flaw at the heart of speed cameras as these latter uncalibrated do not flash bikers.
 As reminder, 37 people were killed on the Mauritian road in 2014 against 136 deaths in 2013. The main cause of fatal crashes in Mauritius is excessive speed on the part of drivers.
The two-wheelers have been hit hard in 2014 by the road carnage, with about 50% of deaths recorded.
*one euro roughly equivalent to 39 rupees


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